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Stress tears in Geomembrane

carl charpentier | july 7th, 2017

The dipole method of leak detection (ASTM D7000) is suitable for use on a single layer of material up to 1 meter thick, but is more precise on...

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detection de fuites ingenieur alphard

Leak Detection in Geomembranes

carl charpentier | Date????

The “dipole method” is a geoelectrical method for detecting leaks, splits and tears in geomembrane materials. The method presents...

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Weld Testing for Quality Assurance

Weld Testing for Quality Assurance

carl charpentier | Date????

Unlike HDPE membranes, which allow for a series of both patented destructive and non-destructive tests, the manufacturers of bituminous geomembranes...

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sampling services

Sampling Services

Simon Gibeault-Bergeron | Date????

The sampling services provided by Groupe Alphard as part of our environmental and quality assurance services can be divided into two main groups: project sampling, a quality assurance service...

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contemporary reinforcing walls

innovations in contemporary reinforcing walls

Jerome Pepin Date????

In recent years growing cost and space constraints have inspired a variety of innovations in the engineering sector...

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