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Sampling Services

Sampling Services – Material Science Meets Sustainable Development

The sampling services provided by Groupe Alphard as part of our environmental and quality assurance services can be divided into two main groups: project sampling, a quality assurance service ensuring project materials meet the highest industry standards, and environmental sampling, recording and analyzing contaminants in local soil and water.

Groupe Alphard always recommends a rigorous sampling programme

Project Sampling – Integrity and Reliability

Performed during on-site works monitoring, sampling is a key part of Groupe Alphard’s quality assurance services. On behalf of the client, Groupe Alphard always recommends a rigorous sampling programme of all natural and geosynthetic materials used on-site, including conformity, puncture and shear testing. This programme of targeted sample tests ensures that materials provided by contractors conform to the plans and specifications outlined in the original engineering plans, contributing to the long-term durability and material integrity of the client’s site and works.

Environmental Sampling – Towards Sustainable Engineering Development

Groupe Alphard’s commitment to environmental integrity and sustainable development is a central part of our Code of Ethics, and our environmental sampling services play a key role in realizing this commitment. Environmental sampling provides site owners with an accurate portrait of local soil and water contaminants, identifying at-risk areas and yielding samples for further analysis. Groupe Alphard’s environmental sampling expertise covers a variety of areas, including ensuring conformity with potable water regulations and the efficiency of soil decontamination techniques, whilst always applying sampling methodologies appropriate to the environmental challenges of a specific site.

Analysis and the Next Steps

All analysis of soil and water samples collected by Groupe Alphard is performed by geotechnical and chemical member labs of the Association of Consultants and Laboratory Experts (French: l’Association des consultants et laboratoires experts). Analysis of geosynthetic materials is performed by Groupe CTT, a Quebec-based research laboratory with over 30 years of experience in textile and geosynthetic analysis. For more information on how sampling forms a key part of Groupe Alphard’s environmental and quality assurance service, visit our professional services pages.

About the author
Carl Charpentier Alphard

Carl Charpentier is leak detection lead at Groupe Alphard. A well-known figure in the leak detection industry, he is the author of numerous technical articles and a member of the ASTM’s D35 geosynthetic committee. He was worked in leak detection since 2001, developing a number of technical and practical innovations to leak detection methods.

- Carl Charpentier