315 kv/25 kv substation, Jean Marcotte purification plant

project outline

The project comprised the construction of a 315-25 kV substation to supply the site’s ozone disinfection unit and eventually other facilities at the Jean-René Marcotte Wastewater Treatment Plant in Montréal. Engineering teams from General Electric and Groupe Alphard collaborated during the project to provide multidisciplinary engineering design of the substation.

The civil engineering elements of the project included the two main buildings (the GIS and Control buildings), the foundations of the substation’s electrical equipment, and the sizing and design of the site’s holding ponds, sanitary network and roadways.


City of Montréal


Montréal, Québec



services provided

  • Detail design of the GIS and Control buildings, including concrete foundations and basement, concrete structural slabs and steel frame (braced frame with rigid roof)
  • Detail design of foundations and mounts for electrical equipment inside and outside the substation buildings
  • Detail design of the water-oil separator, power transformers, transformer holding ponds and firewall foundations
  • Detail design of the steel ground wire tower and its foundations
  • Design optimisation of foundations of electrical gantries
  • Design of foundations of grounding transformers and auxiliary services.

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