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Groupe Alphard is the result of a shared business vision between the founding partners and experienced engineers in the field of consulting engineering. In operation since 2010, the company has built a diversified portfolio of corporate and public clients and has been able to attract and foster the talent and experience necessary to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients.

Groupe Alphard relies on the expertise of a team of engineers, technicians and environmental specialists, as well as a network of collaborators and strategic partners in the industry enabling it to offer a wide range of technological solutions and specialized services.


Groupe Alphard’s Code of Ethics asserts its fundamental values as a socially responsible company, formalizing its expectations regarding the behavior of its employees and collaborators and guiding business relations between its managers, partners and clients.

This Code of Ethics includes: respect for the client; client confidentiality and the protection of proprietary information; conflicts of interest and insider trading; corruption and bribery; workplace discrimination and harassment; occupational health and safety; and the consumption of alcohol and illicit substances.


As a consulting engineering firm Groupe Alphard recognises the importance of sustainable development and is committed to establishing a dynamic balance between its financial responsibilities, the environmental impact of its activities and its contribution to the development of local communities. In this regard, Groupe Alphard contributes to global efforts to raise awareness about the significant environmental challenges of our time and actively pursues its obligations as a sustainable and responsible organisation.

Putting this conviction into practice, Groupe Alphard commits to implement a sustainable development policy aimed at: maintaining and improving the financial management, administration and documentation of its environmental and engineering projects; promoting an interdependent health and safety culture through adequate training of its employees; integrating the consideration of water and carbon footprints in its engineering activities; providing a working environment that respects individuals, supports integrity and recognizes merit; promoting the implementation of responsible procurement practices; and contributing to the development of local communities through initiatives tailored to their needs.

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