Analysis of available subsidies

project outline

The mandate awarded to Groupe Alphard comprised the analysis of grant programs relevant to the client’s planned investment projects. These projects aimed to improve the plant’s capacity, to increase site productivity, and to reduce of energy costs and green house gas emissions related to site activities.

Groupe Alphard identified 25 potential subsidy programs offered by 10 different organisations. The majority of these programs offered grants that were non-refundable and non-exclusive, with the recipient contributing generally 25% of total project costs (for a maximum grant amount of 75% of total project costs).

The goal of the analysis of these subsidy programs was to quantify the value of the available subsidies, allowing for informed investment decisions by clarifying potential project costs. As numerous non-exclusive subsidies can be requested for a single project, Groupe Alphard also proposed various optimisation strategies to maximise the subvention received whilst limiting the amount of subsidy requests to prepare and manage.

This analysis and optimisation strategy identified available subsides of $13.1 M, or around 54% of the $ 24.1 M intended for investment projects


Greenfield Ethanol


Boucherville, Québec



services provided

  • Analysis of subsidy programs for investment projects related to increasing plant capacity, increasing site productivity, and reducing of energy costs and green house gas emissions related to site activities.
  • Development of an optimisation strategy to maximise subsides whilst limiting the number of subsidy requests to produce and manage
  • Client support during the production of subsidy requests.

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