Construction of a technical landfill cell

project outline

The Mauricie Ministry of Waste Management (in French, RGMRM) operates a technical landfill site at Saint-Étienne-des-Grès in the Mauricie region. In early 2018, the Ministry began seeking engineering consultancy services for the addition of a new cell at this site.

Groupe Alphard was awarded the mandate to provide engineering services and works monitoring for the construction of the new cell and geosynthetic system to ensure its imperviousness. This system is composed of a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), a drainage geocomposite and two levels of PEHD geomembrane. The cell also has a perforated PEHD trench and conduit system, allowing for the capture of primary and secondary level leachates.


Mauricie Ministry of Waste Management


Saint-Étienne-Des-Grès, Québec



services provided

  • Analyze and verify data provided by the Ministry (verification of topographic data, analysis of applicable regulations and the site’s Certificate of Authorization, analysis of the Ministry’s requirements);
  • Preparation of plans and technical specifications;
  • Specification of construction materials and methods;
  • Preparation of AC/QC programs for the natural and geosynthetic materials;
  • Management of the Call for Bids (respond to bidders’ questions, evaluate bidders’ submissions, provide plans and technical specifications to the winning bidder, etc.);
  • Provide off-site engineering and supervision services (control and approve plans and technical sheets for geosynthetic materials; analyze equivalence and change requests submitted by the contractor, advise the Ministry of potential technical, contractual or operational problems);
  • Provide on-site engineering and works surveillance services (coordinate and monitor the activities of the geosynthetics installer; participation in site meeting; inspect completed works; apply and monitor geosynthetics quality assurance programs, perform sampling and conformity testing of geosynthetic materials, etc.).

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