Construction of cell 2 of an industrial waste landfill

project outline

Located in Alberta, the project comprised the construction of site’s second industrial waste landfill cell covering an area of 26,000 m2. The impervious landfill system consisted of 0.6 m of clay liner, with a HDPE geomembrane and geocomposite drainage net and a protective soil cover layer. The various components of Cell 2’s impervious system were integrated into Cell 1 to ensure continuity between the cells.

Groupe Alphard, as a subcontractor of the design engineering firm, was mandated to assist with the construction management, including supervision of the site works, quality and quantity control and assurance, and verification of all of the materials, equipment, tests, installations and other activities as described in the project construction documents and specifications.

Construction work for Cell 2 took place during the summer and fall of 2017.







services provided

  • Supervision of construction works;
  • Quality assurance of geosynthetic materials;
  • Quality assurance of the natural materials;
  • Site progress meetings and kick-off meetings with installer

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