Construction of confinement cells 2-1 and 2-2 at Bécancour technical landfill site

project outline

Gestion 3LB operates an industrial waste landfill site in Bécancour, Québec. In compliance with a Certificate of Authorisation request approved in late 2013, Gestion 3LB wished to expand the operational area of the site with the addition of two new confinement cells, representing phase 2 of the project’s development.

The project consisted of construction works for the installation of cells 2-1 and 2-2 over an total area of around 6,300 m2. The cells were constructed in the site’s homogenous clay layer, in conformity with reglementary requirements regarding the clay layer’s thickness (minimum of 6 m) and hydraulic conductivity (less than 1x10-6 cm/s).

The cells were also surrounded by an impermeable layer installed in the surface sand deposits and anchored in the natural clay layer. The leachate drainage and collection systems are comprised of a 500 mm thick drainage sand layer and PEhd pipes (complete and perforated) allowing for the collection and transfer of leachate towards the cells’ lowest point for pumping into the treatment network.


Gestion 3Lb


Bécancour, Québec



services provided

  • Analysis and verification of data provided by Gestion 3LB (verification of topographic data, analysis of regulatory requirements and of the site’s certificate of authorisation request, etc.);
  • Preliminary design of the new confinement cells;
  • Preliminary and detail engineering (plans and specifications);
  • Construction cost estimates;
  • Quality assurance program for natural and geosynthetic materials;
  • Production of Call for bids documentation and management of the call for bids process;
  • Management and surveillance of cell construction works;
  • Quality control of natural materials (soils).

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