Construction of landfill cells and capping

project outline

The City of Chibougamau wished to expand its technical landfill site with the construction of four (4) new cells (cells 13-16) and the capping of two (2) existing cells (cells 9 and 11).

Groupe Alphard’s mandate for the project included engineering and surveillance services during he construction of the new cells and at each phase of the capping works.


City of Chibougamau


Chibougamau, Québec



services provided

  • Aerial drone topographical survey
  • Preliminary and detail engineering of the new landfill cells
  • Preliminary and detail engineering of the capping
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Call for bids documentation for construction contractors, management of the call for bids process
  • Quality assurance programmes for geosynthetic and natural materials
  • Surveillance and coordination of construction and capping works
  • Quality assurance (QA) during the installation of geosynthetic materials
  • Quality control of natural materials (soils)

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