drone-based bathymetric surveys

Drone-based bathymetric surveys represent a major advancement in the collection of bathymetric data. Traditionally, these surveys were conducted using small vessels or boats equipped with specialized sonars. The advent of drones has revolutionized this practice by offering a fast, flexible, and safe alternative for mapping seabeds.


Increased Flexibility

Access to challenging areas, including shallow waters, and launch from the shore.

Reduced Costs

Fewer personnel and equipment, allowing for quick surveys with less time on the field.

High Spatial Resolution

Data that provides accurate and detailed measurements of the seabed.

Improved Safety

Usage in contaminated areas without endangering the lives of the operators.

Strict regulations and safety standards are in place for the management of autonomous drone surveys. Groupe Alphard has implemented a rigorous fieldwork management program to mitigate these risks and ensure responsible use of autonomous drones in aquatic environments.

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