Technological advances are leading to profound transformations in the organization of work. The industrial world has every interest in undertaking its digital transformation as quickly as possible in order to benefit from productivity gains but above all not to be left behind by the competition.

Groupe Alphard supports its customers in their technological development so that everything is simple and obvious. We can do a full 4.0 audit of the plant and we offer tailor-made technological solutions (web and mobile applications, connected objects, use of virtual or augmented reality).

Connected objects and dashboard

Design and development of connected objects and real-time monitoring of the data collected for a complete strategic watch.

Virtual reality

VR applications are varied. It can be used for simulation (plant training) or for the visualization of a site, an environment or an equipment in order to understand it more concretely. It also helps to better understand a project during a presentation and greatly increases its chances of acceptance.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows you to visualize the addition of equipment or the enlargement of a building in its environment. With the help of glasses, a tablet or a mobile phone, it is possible to walk around the site and view, for example, the virtual enlargement annexed to the real building.

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