Lower churchill project, phase I

project outline

The Muskrat Falls Project is phase one of the Nalcor Lower Churchill Project, a largescale production and transportation infrastructure plan that will significantly increase the hydroelectric generation of power on the Lower Churchill River. This includes an 824-megawatt hydroelectric generating facility at Muskrat Falls, the Labrador-Island Link that will transmit power from Muskrat Falls to Soldiers Pond on the Avalon Peninsula, and the Maritime Link connecting Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

The mandate awarded to Groupe Alphard consisted of the seismic design of nonstructural elements and to provide technical support during the construction of the Muskrat Falls Facility.


General Electric


Muskrat Falls



services provided

  • The design and inspection of seismic supports for non-structural elements inside the buildings (electrical equipment, cable trays and glycol pipes);
  • Preparation of plans and specifications for bid and construction;
  • Technical assistance on the construction sites (answers to contractor’s questions, requests for information, development of technical solutions);
  • Validation of shop drawings and data sheets;
  • Supervision of construction works;
  • Coordination between the engineering team at GE and the GE construction sites;
  • Revision of design calculations done by GE (GIS building, Command Building).

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