Rehabilitation of a post-treatment water holding pond

project outline

The Neves Corvo mine is a copper and zinc mine operated by the Portuguese company Somincor, a division of Lundin Group.

The site’s existing holding pond, intended to contain wastewater following the completed treatment process, was non-functional due to a number of major problems related to its impermeability system.

Groupe Alphard’s mandate comprise the design of a new impermeability system for the 50,000 m3 capacity holding pond and the design of new hydraulic systems.


Somincor (Lundin)


Neves-Corvo Mine, Portugal



services provided

  • Preliminary design of the holding pond’s impermeability system, of inflow and outflow systems, and of the emergency spillway system.
  • Preliminary and detail engineering of selected systems (plans and specifications)
  • Call for bids documents and management of the call for bid process
  • Quality assurance programmes for geosynthetic and natural materials
  • Surveillance and coordination of pond demolition and reconstruction works
  • Electrical leak location on installed geomembrane materials

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