Work monitoring: construction, geomembrane installation, and gas capture system for a technical landfill

project outline

The City of Sept-Îles undertook the final capping of two cells of its technical landfill site.

To ensure compliance and quality of the work, Groupe Alphard was commissioned as a third-party expert to act as a monitor and qualitative controller during the construction phase. This complex project included the placement of granular materials, a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) geomembrane, a biogas capture and venting system, as well as other related works.

Through close monitoring, Groupe Alphard identified technical issues and proposed suitable solutions. Their sustained commitment ensured compliance, work quality, and the achievement of the expected environmental performance for this major project.


City of Sept-Îles


Sept-Îles, Québec


2020 to 2021

services provided

  • Ongoing work supervision and technical assistance during all construction phases
  • Quality assurance program for geosynthetic and granular materials
  • Management of equivalence and change requests
  • Analysis of test results conducted by external soil and geosynthetic labs
  • Progress reports, interim accounts, and payment recommendations
  • Provisional and final acceptance of work
  • Compliance report for work completed

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